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@Wolfsong.thePoet “Delightful, beautiful and quiet a relaxing listen . . . creative . . . driven . . . the music carried as an expressive voice . . . exploring, in a kind of force . .. like a wayward star . . . flying through every dark corner . .. . letting the wind . . . blow it astray . . . dancing with dust, and dancing with flame . . . thrusted through fields shadow . . revealing the beating heart in a shower of light . ..”

@qhartman “This is the first work of Maciej Bether’s that I have heard, and I quite like it. I enjoy music in the electronic / chillout genre, so this is right up my alley. I tend to prefer more manipulation of natural sounds rather than the synth that Maciej seems to favor though, so it’s not a perfect fit to my tastes. I would like to see a bit more layering of sound and smoother bridges between sections in songs, but that’s nit-picking. All in all, a totally solid album, and I will likely be adding it to my rotation of similar music that I enjoy while working.”